About Us

Center for Quality Applications Project: Is a project for producing a range of free quality applications that run on smart device operating systems (iOS, Android, and Windows). The applications will provide a variety of quality content that are appropriate for the requirements of the user, and respond to his concerns. The division of these applications into several packages has been completed so that each package contains a group of applications for multiple considerations. It is possible to divide them according to subject, or according to the age and section of the target group, or in agreement with the standards requested by the users at the beginning of project planning, which can contribute to the delivery of good and beneficial knowledge in different languages to the beneficiary. The Zad Group will manage and develop this project under the noble sponsorship of Awqaf Shaykh Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz Al-Rajhi Charity

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Project Goals

Produce quality community-based applications for smart devices. Enrich App stores for mobile devices with quality purposeful applications. Reach a level of excellence through creative ideas and content of distinctive quality Participate in spreading good and guiding towards it